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So you will learn that you often have to proceed through the checkout process but NOT complete the final process of placing your order so that you can find out what your total is, plus other fees like shipping. Then use your back button if you have to return and enter a different coupon code. Just DON'T complete the order until you have decided which promo combination or code will give you the best deal.

You will also want to make sure to verify that the deal has been applied to your total. Then and only then should you complete your transaction at checkout. However, sometimes you can have your cake and eat it too, especially around the holidays when site-wide free shipping becomes a common "built-in" promotion, which will then allow you to use a discount code at checkout too. Being "Penny Wise and Pound Stupid" With Coupon Code Analysis Paralysis The hunt for the best coupon codes can be very addictive, especially when you learn just how much money you can save instantly Time is money afterall and with coupons you can be "penny wise and pound stupid", as the oldtimers used to say.

So try not to get Obscessive Compulsive Disorder for saving money with coupons. I know many over zealous coupon clippers who seem to be suffering from coupon clipping OCD, or the online version of it which I guess you could call "coupon clicking OCD". The higher the price tag of the item you want, the easier it is to obscess over finding the best online deal code. But if you want to leverage your time most wisely it's better to invest more of your time in finding savings on the large ticket items, than to waste too much time on the miniscule purchases.

Coupon Codes & Insider Secrets to Finding, Using, & Leveraging Online Deal Codes

It's like paying off credit card debt Just think about how much of a directly valuable "homeschooling lesson" this could be. They'll have to learn how to use their deductive reasoning skills and how to creatively "think outside of the box" "big box retailer" that is. They'll also learn the above outlined valuable lesson of how to calculate percentages to find the best deals. Learning to calculate percentages is a key concept that will help them manage money for the rest of their lives - from chosing the best credit card offers and managing debt, to being able to understand the power of compounding interest on the money they will save.

And save money they will thanks to their newly learned good habit of religiously using coupon codes for the rest of their online shopping lives. So if you finally cave in on taking that once-in-a-lifetime family vacation to Disney World, renting that luxery beachfront home on Anguilla, taking a family cruise around the world, or you just want to order some groceries from Amazon. Incentivize the lesson by making it clear that the more money they help the family save with coupon codes and deals, the more perks the trip will afford for them. Give them a vested interest in the family's finances and teach them the upside to being money wise and frugal.

Instead of an allowance, develop a "profit sharing program" for the kids and share with them the savings and perks they will reap as they become increasingly savvy coupon code hunters and budding personal finance prodigies. In the process they will learn how to live life on their terms rather than those of others. Put them on track to a life of being financially independant Get them started early and the good habits will multiply like the dollars they will continue to save.

Persistence and Redundancy Often Pays Off With Coupon Codes Be aware that each store often has multiple promo codes floating around which will get you the same percentage off deal, free shipping deals, ect. So make note of the various sales codes even if they are for the same deal, just in case you need a back-up code at checkout. Somtimes certain promo codes will be expired or just won't work at checkout for whatever reason, so always have some of those other codes written down so you can try them as back-up codes for the same deal.

Persistence and redundancy often pays off. If there is an online store you frequently shop at, don't hesitate to take advantage of any of these automatic coupon and bargain delivery systems, because that is exactly what they are. Some of the best deals ever are delivered exclusively through these channels.

You can even set up a "watchlist" for certain items you are interested in so that the store will notify you by email or RSS if the price drops below a certain level you specify. And by being a member of their newsletter or valued customer programs they often will sweeten the deal on the items you show interest in, particularly during the big shopping days such as Black Friday. Coupon Code Breaking and Prognostication Many of the below listed online retailers have coupon codes that are very predictable and self-evident for what you'll save. You might be surprised how often you can luck out with this technique.

But be aware that most online stores allow only one coupon code to be applied at checkout, so if you want to try a different code you may have to use your back button to return to the proper screen. Then sometimes you must find and click a button that says something like "Remove this Coupon from Your Total", otherwise you may not be able to apply an alternate code. Have Your Cake and Eat it Too You will often find free shipping coupon codes along side percentage off coupon codes. Get out your calculator and see which will save the most money.

But if you search around you can often find an online store that offers both free shipping in addition to allowing you to redeem a coupon code at checkout. The major shopping holidays and dates such as "Black Friday" are when you will save the most money with free shipping and sales prices via rebates and coupons. Fool's Code On common items sold by many different online retailers you still should comp shop to find who has the item cheaper, because regardless of whether a coupon is offered or not, sometimes the better deal can be had from a store running an automatic promotion where no coupon code is needed discount automatically applied at checkout.

It really pays to shop around for the best deal - promo codes may not necessarily offer the best deals out there. Haste Makes Waste Copy and Paste Be aware that coupon codes are often case sensitive. I like to use the copy and paste functions to save time and transcription errors whenever entering the promo codes in at the online checkout screen.

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You may also want to open your computer's "notepad" document program and paste the codes into a new document page as you bargain hunt. You will save time by not having to write them down on paper and you can copy and paste them easily and accurately from the notepad document into the promotion code box at checkout.

This is a must because often a coupon code may have expired or been disqualified based on what you are buying or due to limitations on multiple discounts. Some coupons are only good for certain categories of merchandise such as kitchenware, appliances, or clothing. I usually like to look for the general percentage off everything in the shopping cart coupon codes because they usually will work no matter what category the item falls into.

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  • Coupon Codes & Insider Secrets to Finding, Using, & Leveraging Online Deal Codes.
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But regardless, when searching for bargains online I always look for and read the offer details so I don't waste my time. More store links to specific promo code directories will be "going live" regularly. Mason B. Com Ben Sherman Benches. Danskin Dartboards. Leonards DraftingTables. Jordan Kalyx Kaneesha. Beer Mrs. Beasley's Mrs. Fields Mrs. Toy Company UberPrints. Autos Yahoo! Only after you've taken into consideration any site-wide promotions like free shipping offers , price rollbacks already built in, and the total savings based on specific promo coupon codes, will you truly be able to evaluate who has the best deal on an item or service offered for purchase online.

But don't forget that once you've decided which store you will make the purchase at and which coupon codes you want to use at checkout, NEVER pass up the opportunity to take it to the next level. You can often log into your preferred credit card company's website where you might be able to link to your choice of online store through your card company's site so you can earn not only a "cash back bonus" such as by using your Discover Card, but also an additional percentage of your total purchase rewarded to your account by the credit card company simply because you followed their link to your store of choice.

Talk about "easy money"! It adds up very fast But we are too smart for that and thus are sure to religiously pay off our balance every month! Being frugal and wise means you can be a contrarian and cash in on savings via a system that otherwise tricks the undisciplined consumer into a life of credit card debt. That's the beauty of coupon codes and internet comp shopping for bargains Back to Frugalicity.

Some say cash is king.

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I find the following super simple Bucket analogy helpful for envisioning cash flow into and out of a household or business Your household or business…. Read More. Thousands of Coupon Codes at your finger tips, integrated Promocode Database, frugal shopping secrets, 2, stores and their secret keycodes for instant savings at checkout, Adios retail prices. An extensive guide to the best cheap beef cuts with often more flavor and as much nutrients as prime loin cuts, yet without the tenderloin prices.

Extensive collection of Frugal Cooking Tips and articles full of thrifty kitchen strategies to help you save money on groceries and whole foods. Extensive lists of AARP discounts, benefits, programs, and perks for those age 50 and over - learn how to get significant savings on travel, food, shopping, insurance, and much more. Frugal Living Blog About. Promo codes provided by Savings. How to Use the Above Coupon Code Database Type the name of a store, product, or brand into the above search box and click "Go" to see a list of deals. Used 8 times. Used 3 times.

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True Health Coupons. Healthy Directions Coupons. SomaLife Coupons. True Lemon Coupons. The company offers discounted shipping rates on Super Saver orders. Full refunds will be provided on all unused and used bottles that are returned within 60 days of the original receipt. Contact Customer Care to receive your return authorization. Sharing is caring.