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If you're feeling lost, below are things we know so far about the Fortnite Season 6. In Fortnite, heroes can be evolved, the hero will unlock extra passive and active skills when you evolve it. There are lots of reasons why Fortnite has taken off with children. One particular is the fact that it combines two other genres that are significant winners with young gamers. These quests have no time limit and therefore do not expire, even if the player does not complete them within a day. Our Fortnite Battle Royale tips and tricks.

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Here are some of the many things that'll help you get better faster, whether you're a new or experienced player. In the Save the World, you can use different weapons. I'd love to see these guns add to Battle Royale. Whether you are completely new to the game or came over from BR, there is a lot to pick up. Home News And Guides Fortnite. And we will keep doing giveaway activities about once a week, This is a feedback to our new and loyal customers. Comments 1 Comment. Requirements: Lv. Zero characters must have completed up to Ch. Click the gift box icon on the left side of the screen to receive the reward.

NOTE : If you are logged in when the clock strikes midnight, you will need to log out and log back in to accept the reward. This quest can only be completed once per account, and accounts must have been created before May 11, Use to receive 2x EXP for 30 minutes. Selective 4 Slot Coupon : Untradeable. Use to expand an inventory tab of your choice by 4 slots. Open to receive one random Maple Saint weapon.

Character Slot Expansion Coupon : Untradeable. Requirement: Lv. Receive three 11th Anniversary Coins for 1st place, two coins for 2nd place, and one coin for each of the other players who participated. Collect Gold and Silver Meso Coins and destroy boxes for more mesos and buffs to help in your collection. A hidden portal will be added in 8 different towns!

Each hidden portal can be accessed once a day. Enter the portal to gain access to a Lost Vault for 5 minutes. Collect as many mesos as quickly as possible because all of the mesos on the map will disappear after 2 minutes! Open treasure chests in the vault to receive mesos, buffs, 11th Anniversary Coin, or equipment from previous Anniversaries. An 11th Anniversary Coin will be distributed once the map is completed. Once inside the event map, use the Ctrl key to destroy as many of the glass cases as you can. You can only pick up 30 11th Anniversary Coins from these glass cases.

Once the timer expires, everyone will be moved to a bonus map where a giant glass case appears.

Destroy the giant glass case within 4 minutes to obtain more rewards. Rewards Maple Treasure Cap : Trade disabled when equipped.

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Lv: Upgrades Available: Face Accessory. Upgrades Available: 5. Upgrades Available: 7. Upgrades Available: 3. Upgrades Available: 1. Yeti and Pepe Damage Skin : Movement is possible only within the account.

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Pink Coin Purse : Untradeable. Slime Face Accessory : Untradeable. Orange Mushroom Face Accessory : Untradeable. Pepe Face Accessory : Untradeable. Hunt monsters within your level range 10 levels below and 20 levels above , and you may find an11th Anniversary Commemorative Box!

The Marvelous Marvel Machine is BACK - with new items and a weekly raffle!

Open it to receive some useful items to celebrate the Anniversary! Rewards 11th Anniversary Commemorative Box : Untradeable. Open to receive a random item: Monster Transform Potion : Untradeable. Transform randomly into one of 14 different monsters for 10 minutes. Speak with Momma Bellflower to receive a Bellflower Pot, which will grow up in 20 minutes and grant you a reward for babysitting. The Bellflower that grows up has a chance to be a Golden Bellflower, which offers greater rewards!

Rewards can be received up to 5 times per day. The 11th Anniversary Hot Air Balloon has touched down in multiple towns! See if you can pop it in order to receive some great rewards. The Hot Air Balloon only receives 11 damage per hit, so it will take diligence on your part to defeat it! Once you move to the event map, try to catch the items raining from the sky! Rewards Try to catch these items! Access the Attendance Calendar from the calendar icon in the star event notifier on the left side of the screen after accepting the quest.

You can really expand your inventory with this event, as it awards lots of Selective Slot Coupons! You can use these coupons to expand an inventory tab of your choice.

Select the museum icon on the star event notifier on the left side of the screen to begin the event. Use to expand an inventory tab of your choice by 8 slots. The 11th Anniversary Coin Shop is here with fabulous rewards for you to enjoy! Join 2 other players as you face off against another team of 3 to see who can decorate the Sweet Maple Ice Cream Pop the fastest! Untradeable Advanced Giant Potion x5 : Untradeable.

Respawn Token : Revives you on the current map cannot be used in some places — some party quests, event maps, and transportation. Sharing is caring!

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Manager Mush wants to give you the opportunity to show others you care by sharing with them the 11th Anniversary Festival Spirit. Limited Time Stats.

Time Limit Extension not possible. Take a stylish photo and receive rewards. This can be completed once a day per character. Unique Equipped Item. Sharing Spirit Pendant : Untradeable.