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After deciding on the basics, you can focus on fine-tuning your ecommerce customer loyalty program in terms of things such as:. After getting all the details down pat, you can pre-launch your loyalty program by testing out a beta or pilot program, available only to a select few. These people should be your most loyal and profitable customers.

If you are using BigCommerce, you can find those customers and their emails here:. A pre-launch beta is ideal, as it allows you to fix whatever issues pop up in the beta program before you go live.

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After going live to all customers, remember to use and analyze the data you collect and make adjustments and improvements when necessary. The main difference is that a loyalty program rewards the customer for buying products while a referral program rewards them for referring new customers.

Both are great strategies that can drive sales and new customers. Here is a great example of a successful product referral strategy from Sumo. Points should be redeemable in the form of rewards, such as:. See the example below from Grow and Behold. This brand uses Smile. A tier system is based on levels of loyalty: the more a customer buys, the higher up the rewards tier they can travel.

Many airlines have adopted this type of program. Besides traveling while you work , this type of customer loyalty program can be applicable to the ecommerce industry as well. Pro tip: Start by presenting a small base reward for simply being part of the program and make the next levels easily achievable to reduce program abandonment. A partnership program is a great way to target millennials and form partnerships with other businesses. This group partners with brands and local hotels, spas, etc.

What is a Customer Loyalty Program?

Find something similar in your area to help boost awareness and align yourself with brands and ideas that are on the rise. Some companies offer a VIP program where customers pay a membership to join. One such example is Amazon Prime, which charges an upfront fee for VIP services like free and expedited shipping.

By doing this, Amazon is able to offset cart abandonment caused by expensive shipping fees by making customers feel as though they are getting a much better deal. Oxygen4Life has set up a complete hybrid program using Zinrelo. You can see the experience below, where they offer:. Some brands, such as Apple, do not have a loyalty program but still have a lot of loyal customers — as evidenced by the many people who fall in line every time a new iPhone or Apple product is released. Apple is able to get away without a loyalty program because their products are so hard to resist from the get-go.

To have success you need to have the right ecommerce customer loyalty software. To deploy your loyalty programs, many brands offer management via a loyalty app. Having a mobile app is helpful, especially when customers are out and about without their wallets but still want to patronize your business. Making it possible to pay with credits in your loyalty app also makes adding transactions to your database easier because everything is done electronically.

Many brands such as Starbucks, Dominos, 7-eleven and top airlines such as AirAsia have loyalty apps. The good news? You can implement your loyalty program using one of the many loyalty apps on the BigCommerce app store. The most successful loyalty programs make it easy for your customers to earn, redeem and use their rewards. A good app will walk you through all the decisions involved in setting up the loyalty program. These metrics can help to indicate the effectiveness of your customer loyalty program :.

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Measured over a given time period a year, a quarter, etc , the customer retention rate measures the number of customers you have retained over a certain time period. By implementing a successful loyalty program, these numbers should increase. It is a score on a scale of that demonstrates how much a person would recommend your business to others. Customer churn refers to the number of customers that cease their relationship with the company, determined by a certain time period when a customer fails to interact with the business. Sign up for our weekly newsletter. I like your ideas.

Loyalty card is the best thing that can help you making your customers happy and can make them vising your business place more frequently. Loyalty cards in Brisbane is considered as the best one due to unique design and ideas. Make your own business card with some unique ideas. Thanks for the nice marketing article. CLV benefits online retailers to decide on the best loyalty programs and upsell, cross-sell campaigns with giving them insight on who the most profitable customers are and what works for them. Hi Chris, one approach taken by our retailers is to announce to their customers that they are testing out a loyalty program and then they try it for a few months.

Another approach taken is to use the loyalty program with all their customers for a few months and then announce officially that they were testing it out and then to continue or stop. Customers are very understanding if you communicate to them that you are trying something out.

Even if you notify them after the fact. Any tips to alleviate these concerns? If they decide to, how can a store gracefully and successfully exit a program with the least impact on their key customer base the loyal ones? Thanks for the feedback Flynn! Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns via rsarcar rewardcamp.

Online: 1. Ensure you are logged into your account 2. Simply choose the offer you would like to use at checkout and it will automatically be applied. Once you get to points you unlock access to more benefits and perks such as free shipping, unique experiences and early access to limited collections!

How to Mass Enroll Loyal Customers

More - that's what it's all about. The more points you earn the better the perks come. View your Member ID, offers, manage your orders and view your digital receipts. When you reach points you will reach Plus level and unlock access to more benefits and perks! You'll also get special offers, rewards, exclusive event invitations and much more.

Loyalty program

Here you'll find all your digital receipts from your store and online purchases within 45 minutes. Turn it on and enjoy the latest fashion! Welcome to our Loyalty Program Discover all the benefits. How it works. How to join. Earn points. How to redeem your offers. Plus Level Once you get to points you unlock access to more benefits and perks such as free shipping, unique experiences and early access to limited collections!

Your member ID can be found on your account page.

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All purchases in store and online are rewarded with points excluding gift card purchases. Points may take up to 24 hours to be added to your account after your purchase has been made. Please note that a redeemed discount reward cannot be returned and reused, and if you return an item the points you earned for that item will be deducted from your account.