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Interesting from AVMikhailova The Queen said Britain wanted a deal in Today she just wants the UK to quit the European Union.

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Anna Mikhailova , T he Telegraph 's Deputy Political Editor, also noted a change in the language when it came to Brexit - comparing the and speeches. Describing Boris Johnson's "unbelievable yet typical climate incompetence", she said the Queen's Speech was "farcical". The Tory plan to rearrange the private deckchairs with a new commercial model fools nobody. PublicOwnershipNow QueensSpeech.

S econds before The Queen's communications team put out their tweet, the Prime Minister posted an updated of his own. I n it, he outlines his desire to find a new deal with the EU and deliver an Australian-style points-based immigration system. StateOpening QueensSpeech pic. Really admire The Queen. Not sure I could have read that without swearing out loud. Not surprised by this non announcement though as the Government has no majority to legislate. S peaker John Bercow has led MPs back into the Commons chamber, and the sitting is suspended until 2. T he Queen's duties inside the Houses of Parliament are done for the day, having started her speech with a bit of a croaky throat.

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O ur team in the lobby in Westminster have picked apart the Queen's Speech. Read the key points here. Britain's priority is to leave the European Union at the end of this month, the Queen said today. Setting out the Government's legislative plan, despite the fact that might be curtailed by an early general election, the Queen set out six Brexit-related Bills.

H owever there was no sign of any news plans for an adult social bill despite Boris Johnson saying the plans would be published before Christmas. Mr Johnson's Government also committed to pressing with the HS2 line to Crewe despite a new review to see whether the line should go ahead at all. There are 26 Bills in all - two more than the 24 Bills unveiled in the last Queen's Speech. Aside from Brexit, the main focus is law and order. T he Queen said: "My ministers will all ensure young people have access to an excellent education, unlocking their full potential and preparing them for the world of work.

Her Majesty then went on to address the issues of pensions, and highlight the Government's broadband roll-out plans. H er Majesty outlines a new immigration bill, which will safeguard those Europeans who have helped build the United Kingdom. She says: "New sentencing laws will mean the most serious offenders will serve longer in prison to reflect better the severity of their crimes. A lthough the Queen reads the speech, it is written by the government.

It contains an outline of its policies and proposed legislation for the new parliamentary session. Black Rod has the door to the House of Commons slammed shut in her face. M r Skinner is known for making quips during the State Opening of Parliament and it has become part of the pomp and circumstance of the event. Members of the Commons then follow Black Rod and the Commons Speaker to the Lords chamber, standing at the opposite end to the Throne to listen to the speech. T hey walked to the chamber of the House of Lords where she takes her place on the throne where she tells the congregation to sit.

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W hile we wait for The Queen, here is Boris Johnson getting his flu jabs. I f you've got a sweepstake running at the office, here's a helping hand.

The last one took place in June A s The Queen nears Westminster, another prominent female figure is taking her place inside the House of Lords. T he soothing relief of tradition may offer a couple of hours of relief from the seriousness of the latest Brexit news. Don't miss a beat with Amy Jones' liveblog.

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W ith so much disruption caused by Extinction Rebellion in the capital, no stone has been left unturned when it comes to the policing operation. T he Queen has left Buckingham Palace. R emember a time before backstops, prorogation and the Oct 31 deadline day? G ive it a read while we wait for her to make an appearance. The event is the only regular time when the three parts which make up Parliament, the Sovereign, the House of Lords and the House of Commons, come together.

The ceremony has existed in its current form since , when the Palace of Westminster was rebuilt after the fire. The year-old monarch will enter Westminster through the Sovereign's entrance, located at the base of Victoria Tower, and move to robing room. I t is here that one of the more unusual traditions begins. Black Rod, the House of Lords official, will summon the House of Commons to the Lords, but during this process the doors to the Commons chamber will be shut in her face.

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It is a practice that dates back to the Civil War and is said to symbolise the Commons' independence from the monarchy. For over years, State Opening has served as a symbolic reminder of the unity of Parliament's three parts: the Sovereign; the House of Lords; and the House of Commons. T he House of Lords is beginning to fill up. Custom Supreme protective case for Apple AirPods. Serta Furniture Protector and Pet Bed.

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