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Desert Eagle-Stripes 30 Days. Gatling-Ult Silver 60 Days. Police Baton-Ult Silver 60 Days. Desert Eagle-Stripes 7 Days. AK Knife Y.


C 30 Days. Beretta AR R. D 30 Days. Field Shovel-R. Barrett M82A1-R. M82A1-Red Dragon 7D. Multi-Color Muzzle 90 Days. Gatling Gun-Ult. Silver 90D. M Silversmith 90D. AWM-Silversmith 90D. Yellow Smoke Grenade 7D. Black Carbon Axe 14D. Gold 60D. Field Shovel-Ult. PP Bizon-U. AK47 B. Imperial Dragon 90D. It is the first time these buildings have been under Iraqi government control since Mosul -- Iraq's second largest city -- fell to ISIS in Over 70, people have been displaced as a result of the ongoing operation to retake Mosul and surrounding areas, according to Iraq's ministry of displacement and migration.

Related: Suspected chemical attack in Mosul - Red Cross. Wounded soldiers run to safety right before a second car bomb exploded in the same area.

Hide Caption. Children who fled the village of Qaryat Tall ar Rayyan arrive at the gates of Mosul. A wounded soldier of the federal police, who was injured as a result of the shrapnel from a suicide car bomb, is treated in Mosul. Soldiers wounded in the fight against ISIS are evacuated in an ambulance to a hospital in Mosul on the south-west front. Caught in the middle of this battle are as many as , civilians, according to the United Nations. It said UN humanitarian agencies in Iraq are preparing to aid civilians caught in the fighting.

The Iraqi Air Force has dropped millions of leaflets on western Mosul , where food and water are scarce and electricity sporadic, warning residents of the ongoing offensive and remain in their homes if they feel safe. The leaflets also advised residents to hang white flags or sheets outside their homes to indicate civilians are inside.

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Related: US volunteers aid Mosul's wounded in makeshift clinic. One family in the Tayaran neighborhood couldn't leave. You can use our webform, send us an email, or call us direct. Let us be your flame consultant! Hello to all the builders! As a builder or contractor, are you out in the field every day?

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